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Integrated Systems is the lead system integrator in Bangalore, offering all new branded computer hardwares, softwares and also used computers and laptops.Our system encompass short range to long range tactical systems.The product and services line are supported at AIs by niche technology generation at the back end,enables to meet specific customer requirements with minimal turn around times.

One of the best parts of our professionals is incorporating different brands of hardware into one cohensive and compitable working which influence maximum output through proper allignment.We also ensure that the software selected by your correspond with built-to-order hardware system that runs your software effeciently.

We are among those service provider who know the value of requirements of customers.We offer used computers and laptops with a guarantee mean while,we haVe a reputed and devoted team of professional who help to take a care of minute/minor problems with a little cost.We provide all types of branded computer hardware components and software apllications.

The spirit of organization that has driven us to excel in each space we have entered exists in every, and our focus on profits, customer satisfaction and perpetual improvement ensures our ability to take on any challenge - and succeed.

Hardware Repair:Integrated system soft deals with all types of repair,sales and services of Pcs,Laptops,Printers,Servers and all components and accesories.We support from the oldest technologies to the latest technology.We offer friendly services and ensure that you are Pleased.Consumer Satisfaction is our Passion.

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